Why choosing a timber truss for your home makes sense

Are you building a new home for your family? Are you involved in a large scale building development for a client? Whatever type of building project you may e working on one of the most important decisions you will need to make concerns the frame of your buildings. For most buildings the frame is largely hidden away and doesn't get a lot of thought, but while it may be unseen it is the frame that holds the entire building together and you must choose the right frame to ensure the stability of your building and ensure the building is a pleasant place to live. Read More 

3 Simple Guidelines for Painting Your Plywood Surfaces

If you are planning on enhancing the appeal of your plywood surfaces, you should think about painting the wooden material. This finishing method is ideal for structural plywood, furniture and decorative elements around the home. In general, there are multiple factors that you should address before beginning your painting process. The most critical of these issues is surface preparation. If the surface of the plywood is not correctly prepared for painting, the coating will fail. Read More 

Leaving a Property in Top Shape After Your Lease Expires

If you're renting a property, be aware that you need to keep it in good condition until your lease runs out. Most landlords withhold a certain amount as a damage deposit. If they find damages or cleanliness issues after you move out, they may choose to withhold a portion of the deposit as opposed to returning the full amount. Therefore, end of lease cleaning is important in ensuring that you don't incur any damage expenses. Read More 

Two items that can keep workers safe during a demolition project

There are a number of items that can reduce the chances of workers sustaining serious injuries during a demolition project. Read on to find out what these items are. Respirators When buildings are torn down during the demolition process, a huge amount of dust is released into the air. This dust can contain a wide range of potentially harmful particulates which could irritate workers' lungs and put them at risk of developing certain diseases if they are inhaled. Read More 

Home Maintenance: Should Your Replace Your Residential Carpet?

Proper maintenance of a home carpet will ensure excellent performance and prolong its service life. However, there is no everlasting floor covering. In simple terms, you will need to replace the carpeting eventually, even if you keep up with regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine the exact time at which you should perform the replacement. If you are not sure whether you should start planning for a new carpet, you should consider the below factors before making your decision. Read More