Properties of Western Red Cedar That Make It Ideally Suited to Cladding Applications

When shopping around for building materials for the external cladding of your home, you will come across a vast selection of options. From new-age options in the form of fibre cement to more traditional solutions such as natural stone, your choices are seemingly endless! But this wide array of building materials can make it challenging to narrow down your options since each supply offers a unique set of advantages. But one material that is garnering interest among the latest crop of homeowners is western red cedar. Read More 

Are You Planning a Building Project?

Are you thinking about having an extension added to your property? Perhaps your project is a little grander and you are planning to create an entirely new property. Whatever construction project you are dreaming about, it is unlikely that you will be able to get far without hiring a builder to carry out the work. Construction work is time-consuming, physically demanding work and much of it involves particular skills you are unlikely to possess. Read More 

What To Consider Before Commencing Construction On Your Residential Tennis Court

Regardless of the size of the tennis court you want to build in your backyard, residential tennis court construction is a project that requires careful planning and forethought to perform properly.  Here are some important factors that you'll need to consider before you can start digging up your yard to build a tennis court. Are You Allowed to Build a Tennis Court?  Depending on where you live, there may be zoning laws and homeowners' association rules that allow or prohibit the construction of tennis courts in your specific area. Read More 

Tips When Sealing Your Concrete Patio

Decorative concrete provides lovely surfaces for patios. It can display different hues and textures that evoke sandstone or slate pavers and other natural substances. While concrete provides resilient ground cover, it does need help in the form of protective sealants which can go over new and existing concrete. Consider the following tips when exploring your sealing options. Sealing Existing Patios You may already know the joys of a decorative concrete patio, having cherished one for years. Read More 

What You Should Know About Timber Products

Almost all construction projects require the use of timber in one way or another. Timber/wood is used, for example, to construct scaffolding, secure concrete when it is curing, construct roof trusses, build furniture like chairs, desks, tables, cabinets and wardrobes and build timber floorboards. Here are some important things you need to note about timber products: Different Types of Timber Timber comes from trees that can either be hardwood or softwood trees. Read More