How Structural Steel Will Be Benefit Your Upcoming Residential Construction Project

When embarking on a residential construction project, one of the first decisions you are tasked with making is choosing building supplies. And if this is the first time you are getting involved in the custom home build process, you will be surprised by the vast selection at your disposal in terms of both traditional construction supplies in the form of timber and concrete to new-age alternatives such as air cleaning bricks. But one material that is steadily infiltrating both commercial and residential projects is structural steel. The use of structural steel in the construction of extensive bridges, looming skyscrapers and the like has given some people the impression that not only is it advantageous to commercial projects but that this means it is exorbitantly priced too. However, this is not the case. Consider the following ways that structural steel will benefit your upcoming residential project to learn why it is taking over this niche market too.


The foremost quality that individuals look for when choosing construction supplies is the durability that they offer. In most cases, this would translate into sacrificing on kerb appeal. For example, timber may be one of the more visually interesting construction supplies since it not only comes in a variety of species but its natural range of hues allow you to match the wood to your preferred aesthetic. Nonetheless, timber supplies are vulnerable to moisture damage and termite infestations if not accorded rigorous maintenance. Structural steel, conversely, has a high strength to weight ratio as well as having increased tensile strength. Therefore, not only is it strong but it comes with a high fire rating and is resistant to pest infestations.


Steel and other metals are not typically associated as environmentally friendly supplies but this does not mean they are automatically hazardous to the environment. For starters, structural steel is highly recyclable. Hence, rather than relying on new supplies, one can opt for recycled materials that will go a long way in minimising the energy consumption required for the manufacture of structural steel while simultaneously reducing the volumes of carbon dioxide emissions produced during these processes. You should also note that by employing structural steel for your residential construction project, you are taking steps towards lowering your carbon footprint, as long as you have your construction materials recycled at the end of their lifespan.

In addition to the aforementioned reasons, other ways that structural steel will prove to be an investment for your residential project are streamlining your project for a short turnaround, increased structural integrity of the new house and guaranteed cost savings in the long run.

To learn more, reach out to a structural steel supplier in your area.