5 Solid Reasons to Upgrade Your Home with Louvre Windows

Louvre windows have been around for decades, and their design and function has continued evolving over the years. Contemporary louvre windows are more weatherproof, easier to install and cheaper. Furthermore, they are designed from more durable materials than their conventional alternatives, making them ideal for classic and modern homes.

There are many reasons why contemporary louvre windows are increasingly gaining popularity for Australian homes. If you are planning a home renovation or building project, here are five reasons why you should consider louvre windows.

High Energy Efficiency

It's not just about superior aesthetics, but contemporary louvre windows play a huge role in reducing your monthly energy bills. Their high energy efficiency makes them ideal for bathrooms and laundry areas. Instead of installing exhaust fans that consume a lot of power, fitting louvre windows in these spaces will aid in the efficient reduction of moisture build-up without consuming energy.

Furthermore, you can consider installing them in different rooms in your home to promote ventilation during the hotter summer months, eliminating the need for expensive AC units. Also, you can choose customised options with energy-efficient glass that reduces heat loss during the cold season and heat gain during hot summers.

Improved Security

Generally, conventional louvre windows were primarily meant to provide better visual appeal and ventilation. However, modern louvre windows have keyed layers that allow locking for extra protection. Furthermore, you can opt for security screens alongside your louvre windows for much-enhanced safety against intrusion without jeopardising visibility.

Air Flow Efficiency

Another obvious advantage of louvre windows is proper airflow. Compared to regular types, louvre windows enhance efficient airflow into your house, keeping your indoors much cooler and cosy. Unlike awnings, the performance of louvre windows isn't affected by wind direction. Besides, you can install them at any preferred height, even for homes with towering ceilings.

More Privacy

Apart from energy efficiency and efficient airflow, louvre windows offer high privacy levels. Depending on the required privacy level, you can find them in different varieties, including coloured or frosted glass. Moreover, you can install them to tilt at specific angles to increase privacy without compromising efficient airflow. Thus, they are ideal for private spaces inside your home, including bedrooms or washrooms.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Finally, contemporary louvre windows are typically elegant, sophisticated and fashionable. You can find them in attractive glass options or fitted with aluminium or wooden blades. Furthermore, their frames come in a broad range of colours, which can match your home's interior or exterior décor.

These are the five reasons you should consider louvres in your next home upgrade or renovation project. Work with a reputable louvre window installer to realise all these benefits.