Design Ideas For Your New Glass Shower

When installing a new glass shower, you don't necessarily need to go with a four-wall square design with a door. While these enclosures are attractive, you'll have other options to personalise the structure. Consider the following ideas.

Adding Privacy

Glass screens allow for the free flow of light and space, but some people prefer more seclusion while showering. To incorporate privacy into the structure, install frosted screens. You'll have an endless spectrum of designs, including intricate filigrees or abstract lines and circles. Alternatively, you could install frosted glass with no patterning so that the screens display a uniform cloudy sheen, reminiscent of ice blocks. For a unique, personalised design, incorporate one that mimics fingertip tracings of words and pictures on an icy window pane. 

Creating A Partial Wetroom

Instead of creating an enclosure using fixed screens and a moving door, you might prefer the minimal look of fixed screens only to segment off an area of the bathroom. The beauty of this approach is that you eliminate metal hardware details like hinges and door handles. While these elements may be relatively small, they're obvious against the transparent glass, adding visual clutter. Your bathroom will feel more free-flowing and open without such bits and pieces.

Where you set up the fixed screens depends on the layout. You could position one screen to section off a room corner or else place two glass panels jutting out from a long wall, so the tiled-wall forms the back of the enclosure. Rather than leaving one side open, you could install a vertical half screen, leaving an open gap where a door would otherwise be. Another idea is to install fixed glass partitions alongside the toilet area; frosting will add privacy.

Introducing Curves

Often, glass shower screens are rectangle or square with four pointy corners. However, this right-angled shape is not the only option. For a fixed shower screen that encloses a wet area or bath, you could install a design with a rounded curve rather than an upper corner point. Then, echo this flowing curve in a smooth, contoured freestanding basin or bath. Another way to replicate the shower screen is with an oval or arched mirror, giving more fullness to the theme of rounded organic lines. Because straight-edged screens are the norm, your bathroom will have a unique look. This contoured screen could either be clear or frosted, giving you endless ways to be creative with your bathroom renovation.

For more information about glass shower screens, speak with a professional.