Make the Tennis Court Construction Process More Flawless and Fulfilling

Congrats on the new parking lot you just constructed! If constructing a tennis court is your next project, don't assume you will do it the same way you did when constructing the parking lot. Now that you know constructing a tennis court isn't a simple project, ensure you meet all the recommended specifications to avoid losing money. A tennis court that doesn't meet the construction requirements won't meet your needs. Ensure professional tennis court builders understand the specific activities you have in mind for them to choose the right design. A perfect tennis court should always conform to the set equipment, marking, slope and size standards. Here are some critical details to bear in mind when constructing a tennis court:

Recommended Qualifications

Constructing a good tennis court requires you to work with professional tennis court designers and involve builders with adequate knowledge and experience in tennis court construction work. The tennis court builders you choose must know the necessary surfacing, asphalt paving, base construction, drainage and soil analysis requirements. Court builders with laser technology skills will make the construction process flawless and satisfying. Optimal standards must always be met whether the tennis court is meant for family-friendly matches or competitive tournaments.

Construction Basics

The conditions of the existing site determine how optimal its drainage system will be. Conduct professional soil analysis to know the site modifications that will help you get a free-draining tennis court. Look for builders who know how to use laser-controlled equipment when constructing a stone base. Use sand-filled and water-based acrylic latex products when surfacing the tennis court to enhance its longevity, high performance and protection. Experienced tennis court builders know how to integrate accessories such as wind-screens, walkways, lighting, bleachers and fencing to make the tennis facility more appealing.


Think about the contaminants if you intend to construct the tennis court using asphalt. Oil, pyrites, silt balls and clay balls are some of the contaminants commonly found in the asphalt mixture. You won't be happy with your tennis court if you work with builders who don't know how to control such contaminants during construction. These contaminants don't just affect the performance of the court but also its longevity. The contaminants cause small holes on the tennis court surface, and they aggravate due to freeze-thaw cycles. Most competent builders know the best asphalt to use when constructing a tennis court.

The tennis court builders shouldn't just know how to design and construct the court, but also know the finishing required. The project specifications shouldn't be 'unduly restrictive' if you want to have a smooth construction process. Builders who know how a tennis court should be maintained are the best to hire. They help you know how and when grass encroachment, crack repair and resurfacing should be done.