3 Tips on Picking the Best Bricklayer for Your Residential Landscape Edging Project

Looking to define and draw attention to the various features of your residential landscape? Done right, edging your landscape with brick pavers is a home improvement project that can pay off really well. Compared to regular bricks, brick pavers are usually harder to better withstand daily exposure to outdoor elements.

Some of the areas of your landscape where you can install brick edging include the lawn area, outdoor swimming pool, flower beds, pathways, and driveways. For best results, it is vital to hire the services of a bricklaying profession. But how can you find the right one with so many bricklaying services out there?

Here are some key factors to consider in determining the best bricklayer for your landscape edging job.

Project Requirements

Bricklaying professionals are available as a team and individuals. Whether to hire an individual bricklayer or a team of bricklayers will depend on your project requirements. If you only need to have edging installed in a small section of your landscape, a bricklayer that works solo may be the best fit for the job. 

But if they can't get the job done correctly within the desired timeframe, it will be best to seek out bricklayers that work as a team. The extra pair of hands will help to get the work done faster.


The amount of experience gathered also matters when you're comparing bricklayers for your project. Be sure to choose a bricklayer that has experience working on brick landscape edging jobs similar to yours. 

This way, you can rest easy knowing that they already know what to do to achieve the desired results.

Project Costs

How much will it cost to have brick edging installed in your yard? Different bricklayers charge different prices for the same job. Before committing to hire any bricklayer, you should find out how much they will charge for your job.

Get quotations from a few prospective bricklayers in your local area and compare the bids to see who offers the most affordable price for your job. Avoid choosing cheap bids because they may be a sign of poor quality work. Also, keep in mind that expensive bids aren't necessarily a sign of quality workmanship.

Be sure to strike a balance between price and quality when selecting a bricklayer. The best bricklayers on the market offer a guarantee on their services while still charging competitive prices. 

Choosing the right bricklaying pro for your landscape edging project is just as important as choosing the right bricks for the job. Once you have identified the right bricklayer for you, feel free to ask them about the best bricks for your job.