The Pros of Concrete Drilling Over Other Concrete Cutting Techniques

The terms concrete cutting and concrete drilling tend to be incorrectly interchanged by amateurs who have never needed this service, but the reality is that they refer to different things. While concrete drilling is a form of concrete cutting, concrete cutting is not a type of concrete drilling. Also referred to as core drilling, concrete drilling entails the formation of precise holes into slabs of concrete, for example on walls, paved floors and so on, with the intent of carrying out specific tasks such as the installing of plumbing, wiring and so on. Alternatively, concrete cutting generally refers to the removal of bits or entire slabs of concrete. While other concrete techniques can be employed to achieve the same result as core drilling, they are not as efficient. Read on for the pros of concrete drilling over other concrete cutting techniques.

Concrete drilling is precise

If your concrete cutting needs to be as accurate as possible, then concrete drilling is the best option for your needs. This technique is characterised by precision since the drill does not affect the surrounding concrete. The types of drills used for this technique are topped with diamond bits, which means they can penetrate any type of concrete easily without causing cracks and other damage to the rest of the slab. Moreover, since this drilling is accurate, there is minimal waste produced, and this translates into a fairly clean work site.

Concrete drilling is extremely fast

The second reason why concrete drilling is a sought-after concrete cutting technique is due to how fast it works. When compared to concrete saws, the drill bits spin extremely fast. Thus, when employed to any thickness of concrete, you are guaranteed to have your holes completed in a short time. This speed is especially beneficial if the project has a short timeline. Additionally, as mentioned above, concrete drilling does not create excessive debris so the cleaning up of the site is fast!

Concrete drilling is not too noisy

Cutting concrete can be an astoundingly cacophonous process. The rumble of the saws coupled with the cutting process can make your property and the surrounding areas quite noisy. If you want to maintain a great relationship with your neighbours, it is best to choose concrete drilling as your preferred cutting technique. While the drills are not soundless, their high-speed operation is quieter than when working with concrete saws. Hence, not only are the concrete contractors protected from clamorous decibels of sound, but your neighbours' peace and quiet will not be disrupted either.

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