Signs You Need a New Timber Dock on Your Property

If you have shoreline on your property, one of the best ways to make the most of it is constructing a dock to facilitate easy access to the water. Moreover, a dock is necessary if you have a boat, so you cannot do without this structure if you own a watercraft. However, the mistake that homeowners make is assuming that once their timber dock is constructed, then they will not have to pay any attention to it anymore.

The problem with his neglect is that eventual water damage can go unnoticed, and this can prove hazardous down the road. To avoid a catastrophe involving your dock, here are two signs that you need a marine contractor to construct a new timber dock on your property.

Your timber dock is shifting

When determining if your dock is in need of attention from a marine contractor, the first thing you should do is check its integrity. When you walk on your dock, you should not feel it shifting underfoot. Once your dock starts to creak and move, you should be worried about its stability and call marine contractors to inspect the degree of damage. In some cases, all the marine contractors may have to do is reinforce your dock.

However, if the integrity is in complete jeopardy, it will be necessary to have the dock replaced with new construction. Take note that if your dock is not stable, it becomes a safety hazard to anyone using it, so it will be imperative to ensure that it is restored to optimum condition or replaced altogether.

Your timber dock is warped or cracked

Once you have inspected the stability of your timber dock, you should then investigate its appearance. One of the most common damages that timber docks develop over time is warping of the boards. The warping usually stems from temperature changes, and considering that Australia's weather can become quite hot and humid, it is likely that your dock will become warped as it ages.

Cracks on the dock should also be a cause for concern since it means that the boards are succumbing to damage, which could be caused by high traffic or expansion and contraction of the timber. The main thing to note about these structural damages to the timber dock is that they will only become aggravated over time. Thus, while replacing the damaged boards is a possible solution, your best bet will be to have a marine contractor construct a new timber dock for you.