Hot and Cold: When Your Shower Abruptly Changes Temperature

Do you like to sing in the shower? If anyone was listening in, they might think that your yelps and bellows are simply you trying (and maybe failing) to hit a certain note. But they might be wrong. Your yelps and bellows might be you reacting to a sudden change in water temperature. This doesn't make for a peaceful shower, whether you're singing or not. When the water temperature deviates from the temperature you've selected, you can experience sudden bursts of cold water, which is certainly annoying. Alternatively, your showerhead might randomly release a jet of scalding water, and this can be rather dangerous. Why has your shower suddenly started to do this?

The Pressure-Balanced Valve

The chosen temperature from any tap in your home (not just your shower) is maintained by a device called a pressure-balanced valve. As the name would suggest, it achieves a balance of your water by counteracting the flow to offset any other usage that might occur in your home's plumbing system. For example, if you were in the shower and someone decided that this was the perfect time to turn on the dishwasher or the washing machine, the water (and the temperature of the water) results in an overall drop in pressure in your plumbing. The pressure-balanced valve then automatically adjusts itself to continue supplying water to your shower that is of the same force and temperature as you've selected.

Fleeting Changes

Even when a pressure-balanced valve is working perfectly, there can be a minute change to the water in your shower, which is barely noticeable. There can be a fleeting change in temperature and pressure, although the pressure-balanced valve will then compensate for the change. This certainly won't result in any yelps or bellows during your shower concert.

A Deteriorating Valve

A deteriorating pressure-balanced valve that can no longer do its job needs to be repaired. The variations in temperature can increase, and this is where the danger can subsequently increase, as your shower becomes capable of scalding you without any warning. Arguably, the warning is the initial awareness of the problem, and this problem requires professional repairs. The valve is such an integral part of your hot water system that it cannot be easily accessed and replaced. This is why you need to call in a company that provides hot water repairs to attend to the pressure-balanced valve as soon as possible.

Remember that these variations in temperature and pressure will only escalate, so the problem needs to be addressed for you to comfortably resume your career as a shower-based singer. Learn more about hot water repairs from a local contractor.