Time For A Kerb, But Which One Best Suits Your Needs?

When it comes to concrete kerbing, most people do not find it a subject to get excited about. After all, aren't all kerbs the same? As someone who needs to replace concrete kerbing at their home, you will be surprised to learn that there are differences in kerbing types, and knowing these difference helps you determine which product is best for your needs. So before you call a concrete contractor to come and quote for your project, these are three different kerbs available to you.

Mountable Kerb

The easiest way to picture a mountable kerb is to turn your mind to your local shopping centre. When you walk out of the shops with a fully laden shopping trolley, and you roll it off the pavement into the carpark, you may notice that the edge of the pavement is curved to allow smooth rolling of the cart wheels. This is a mountable kerb. At home, a mountable kerb is an option you need if something with wheels, like your car, is going to travel over it. It has no sharp edges, which allows for any wheels to travel easily over it.

Mower Kerbs

If you are replacing kerbing in your garden which separates your garden beds from your lawn, then you need mower kerbs. A mower kerb is important because it defines the area between the garden bed and lawn, but it does not damage the mower blade as you are mowing the lawn area. The kerb is slightly higher at the back than the front, so it can keep your mulch and soil in place on the garden bed, but it is flush enough with the lawn that it does not chip the lawn mower blade.

Straight Kerbs

Straight kerbs suit all other uses around the home. They are concrete barriers used to define your chosen area. There is nothing fancy about a straight kerb as they do not need to be fancy. The concrete is poured in a uniform way. The sides are level, and there are straight edges on all sides. These kerbs work well in areas where you want sharp, clear definition.

Now you know what the three types of kerb are, now you can decide what you need to the area you are replacing. This decision makes it simple to explain your needs when you ring the concrete contractor to book in the job you need doing.