Follow These Simple Steps to Safeguard the Safety of Your Workers When Using Scaffolding

Fall hazards are one of the major causes of severe injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. Most of the falls happen when the workers are on scaffolds, which means that it is possible to cut down the accidents by merely minding the safety of the frameworks. Safe Work Australia recommends a set of guidelines and recommendations for the creation, use and maintenance of scaffolding for safety in construction to reduce hazards which come with using them. Below are a few extra tips to maximise on security when using scaffolding.

The erection of the scaffolding

The safety your construction workers will have when working on domestic scaffolding will depend on one main factor: how well it has been erected. It might be a little challenging to get someone to build scaffolding for you when you need to use it for domestic building projects, especially when they are small-scale projects, but you can get a set of the rules and regulations and try your best to work with the construction experts in installing the structures. The one extra service you could look for is an expert to inspect after installation and ascertain they are safe for use.

Training the users

It is easy to assume that every person who will be going up the scaffolding to repaint the window outside your attic or replace your flashing understands all the risks which are part of using scaffolding. While most users understand the occupational hazards that come with their work, there is no harm in having them retrained about handling scaffolding. You can get the lead contractor to train the rest and sit in on the brief sessions to make sure everything has been covered.

Proper loading

Many are the times when builders focus on the erection and posture when using the scaffolding so much that they forget that loading also affects how safe the scaffolding will be for them. Body weight is just one of the sources of extra weight on the frames; it is advisable not to place heavy objects on the structures as the added weight will affect the load distribution on the scaffolding. Heavy objects left unattended on the scaffolding could also easily fall off, leading to severe accidents.

It is possible to maximise your safety when using scaffolding in the home. Consult a professional in construction safety before making any decisions because they will help you keep everyone safe, regardless of the height at which they are working.