How to Inject Some of Your Own Personality into Your Kitchen Design

Do you feel as if your kitchen is a very drab place to be? This is not very good as after all, it's the most popular room in the house, where all the family congregate after they have returned from work or school. You may have been thinking about this problem for some time but are not sure how to proceed. There's not much room to decorate, per se, as all the wall space seems to be taken up with your cabinets, shelves or appliances. However, you may be overlooking that crucial piece of real estate that sits in between the counter and the wall itself, traditionally taken up by an old-fashioned or non-descript splashback. How can you take advantage of the latest trends here?

Change Is Overdue

When your home was originally built, the kitchen was designed as a very utilitarian place. Those splashbacks would have been made from readily available tile using a neutral colour, just to blend in with the surroundings. The net result is that your kitchen looks very "grey," but you don't have to put up with this any longer, as you can upgrade to glass.

Out with the Tiles

Standard tiles can present you with another problem, as well. Over the years they will definitely lose their sheen as they encounter a lot of wear and tear and will simply start to look tired. As they were not very inspiring to begin with, they're not going to elevate your depressed mood.

Vibrant Glass

However, glass kitchen splashbacks will add some vibrancy and light to your kitchen, due to their reflective nature. They come in a wide range of colours or textures that can match any overriding colour scheme or provide a distinct contrast to what you already have.

Making Your Own

You may also be able to create some bespoke splashbacks using a design of your own choice. For example, if you have a nice piece of artwork in the living room which takes centre stage, capture part of the magic and incorporate it into a special design, before giving it to your splashback manufacturer. They will create a solution that is familiar, looks great and can provide a talking point for all your visitors.

Double Action

So, call a family meeting and come up with that perfect design. Make sure that it is colourful so that it provides the level of inspiration you're looking for and will make your kitchen the place to be.