Why choosing a timber truss for your home makes sense

Are you building a new home for your family? Are you involved in a large scale building development for a client? Whatever type of building project you may e working on one of the most important decisions you will need to make concerns the frame of your buildings. For most buildings the frame is largely hidden away and doesn't get a lot of thought, but while it may be unseen it is the frame that holds the entire building together and you must choose the right frame to ensure the stability of your building and ensure the building is a pleasant place to live.

In most cases your choice of frame material comes down to a decision between steel and timber wall frames. There are some occasions that steel can be the right material for your building project but most of the time timber wall frames combined with a timber truss structure is the best construction approach to take. Here are two great reasons to choose timber for your next building project.

Timber is more economical

Price may not be the controlling driver in your purchasing decisions but there are few building projects where it isn't a factor. A timber truss is nearly always cheaper than a comparable steel truss. Timber is also lighter so with timber wall frames trusses can be moved into position with greater ease than would be the case with steel. With less heavy lifting on your site you will need fewer men and less heavy equipment which should reduce your construction costs.

Timber wall frames offer a better quality of life

Your choice of building frame will affect the running for your home many years into the future. It's not just a case of whether a timber truss or a steel truss can support your property, both types of trusses can do that! You need to think about long term issues such as; energy efficiency and noise control. In both of these areas timber wall frames are far superior to steel. A timber frame will significantly reduce your energy bills by retaining more heat within your property than a steel frame. Timber also has a dampening effect on noise within your home while a steel truss can actually transmit noise from one part of your property to another.

Choosing a timber frame for your next project is the best way to get a home that you will love, and enjoy living in for many years to come.