Leaving a Property in Top Shape After Your Lease Expires

If you're renting a property, be aware that you need to keep it in good condition until your lease runs out. Most landlords withhold a certain amount as a damage deposit. If they find damages or cleanliness issues after you move out, they may choose to withhold a portion of the deposit as opposed to returning the full amount. Therefore, end of lease cleaning is important in ensuring that you don't incur any damage expenses.

End of lease cleaning is a more thorough and detailed cleaning process. It involves carefully cleaning both interior and exterior areas of the property to make sure they are in the original condition that you found them. 

Indoor cleaning

When preparing to clean indoor areas at the end of your lease, pay attention to the following areas.

Wardrobes and shelving

Most tenants don't clean wardrobes, shelves and cupboards on a regular basis. However, these areas tend to accumulate with dirt and debris over time. They can attract a lot of dust because they tend to be stuffed with clothes, dishes and other items.

When moving out, pay close attention to shelving areas. They should be thoroughly dusted and wiped down. Having a professional end of lease cleaners wipe down your shelving is a great way to make sure the landlord is happy.

Windows and doors

The windows and doors of the property are another area that requires attention during the end of lease cleaning. Windows and windowpanes can become stained and accumulate plenty of dust. The doors and door handles can also become quite dirty after some time. Make sure your windows are cleaned and the doors are rid of any stains.

Walls and floors

The walls and floors are among the first areas of the property that the landlord will inspect for damage. Make sure the walls are not damaged with holes, stains or other marks. If you notice damages, have the end of lease cleaning services repair the walls.

In addition, the floors often require special cleaning when moving out. Have the carpets steam cleaned or hardwood floors polished at the end of your lease.

Fan blades and lighting

Items such as fan blades and light fixtures also tend to get quite dirty. They should be wiped down to remove all dirt and dust that has accumulated over the years.

Outdoor cleaning

If you have a balcony, porch or other outdoor space, make sure the area is cleared of dust, cobwebs, stains and furniture. Pet litter should also be cleaned and garbage properly disposed off at the end of your lease. An end of lease cleaning service can cater to your outdoor space and make sure it is cleaner than you found it.