Home Maintenance: Should Your Replace Your Residential Carpet?

Proper maintenance of a home carpet will ensure excellent performance and prolong its service life. However, there is no everlasting floor covering. In simple terms, you will need to replace the carpeting eventually, even if you keep up with regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine the exact time at which you should perform the replacement. If you are not sure whether you should start planning for a new carpet, you should consider the below factors before making your decision.

Carpet Age and Wear 

You should check the condition of your carpet and evaluate its lifespan before choosing to replace the product. In general, if your carpet has served you for numerous years, you will start to notice signs of wear. Often, the pile on the rug will become shorter and matted, and some spots might be bald. The aesthetic value of the covering will decline, necessitating replacement for improvement. Also, there might be some uneven spots, especially in high traffic areas. Additionally, if you can hear crackling when walking over the surface, your padding might be wholly worn out and in need of immediate restoration. 

Stubborn Staining

Carpet stains are unavoidable because of the numerous spill accidents which occur in the home. However, most common staining liquids such as juice, coffee, tea, blood and ink can be removed if you clean up immediately using the right procedures and products. Unfortunately, spills can settle into the carpet. These stubborn stains will induce a decline in aesthetic appeal, and they will cause your home to look poorly maintained. In some cases, the only choice for the restoration is the complete replacement of the soiled carpet. However, before you take this action, you should consult professional carpet cleaners. These experts have access to specialty equipment and stain removal agents.

Odours and Mould

Small spills can be eliminated with ease, and you will forget about the accident as long as the stain is gone. However, if moisture has heavily soiled your carpet, the problem might not be quickly resolved. In simple terms, the fabric and padding of the mat can retain moisture for a long time, promoting the growth of mould. Also, the spilt liquid might have a strong smell. For example, milk, petroleum and bleach have strong odours. The lingering stench can cause discomfort and even aggravate allergies. Therefore, you might need to remove and replace the carpet to eliminate the smell. You should consult your carpet cleaning service for personalised advice.