5 Golden Rules to Ensure You Hire and Retain the Best Construction Labourers

Over the years, a lot of good changes have taken place in the Australian construction industry, but some things still remain unchanged — like the scramble for good construction workers by construction contractors or companies. Established companies know that, while the construction industry has changed in most aspects, it is still possible to hire and retain the best construction workers. 

Here are some golden rules that construction contractors can follow to ensure they attract and keep the best employees.

Golden Rule #1: Thorough screening of potential candidates

When hiring construction employees, it is critical to narrow down your choice to candidates with the right combination of knowledge and skills. Also, try to find out how long they intend to stick around — you wouldn't want to be hiring again in just a few months.

Golden Rule #2: Maintaining a safe working environment

Successful construction contractors know that construction jobs can expose workers to numerous safety hazards, including falls from heights, exposure to hazardous building materials, mobile construction equipment, falling materials and more and that it is important to protect all workers from these hazards. For that reason, these contractors usually put in place adequate safety control measures to ensure all workers are kept out of harm's way. This helps them maintain a good safety record, which helps attract the most qualified workers in the marketplace.

Golden Rule #3: Giving workers autonomy

One of the biggest mistakes that many construction contractors make is to remain rigid and to deny their workers any room to exercise a sense of freedom and independence. When construction workers are given opportunities to weigh in on critical matters that affect their jobs, they feel wanted and appreciated by their employers, and this can help increase retention rates.  

Golden Rule #4: Paying workers a competitive wage

Some employers might like it while others might not, but money is still a major factor that a lot of construction workers consider when they are deciding whether or not to work for a particular construction company. And, it can also influence their decision on whether or not to move to a different company. To ensure you attract and keep the best construction workers, consider paying your workers a competitive wage. 

Golden Rule #5: Encouraging mastery

The best construction workers are those that constantly dedicate time and put effort into perfecting their capabilities and broadening their skills-base. Successful construction contractors know that constant training is critical to ensuring that workers hone their craft.

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