How to Protect Your Metal Roof From Damage

Metal roofs can last for a very long time if they are properly installed and maintained in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. However, those roofs can be affected by mistakes or events that occur after their installation. This article discusses some of the steps you should take to prolong the service life of your metal roof.

Look Out for Standing Water

Standing water can cause the metal roof to oxidise and corrode. It is therefore imperative for you to ensure that your metal roof is free from standing water at all times. Several things can keep water off that roof. For instance, keep the gutter system free from clogs so that rainwater can flow quickly away. Secondly, ensure that the airflow underneath the roofing system isn't blocked by bird nests or any other form of debris.

Select Metallic Electrical and Plumbing Materials Carefully

Your metal roof may corrode if you use plumbing or electrical materials that are made from other metals. The corrosion can result when water flows from those materials onto the roof. For instance, zinc plumbing vents can cause a copper roof to corrode when water from the vents pours onto that roof. You must therefore ensure that you use plumbing, electrical or HVAC materials that won't cause the roof to deteriorate. For instance, plastic pipes may not have an effect on metal roofs. 

Be Careful About Non-Metallic Materials

Metal roofs can also corrode when they are exposed to materials that may appear to be non-metallic. For example, water can flow from treated lumber onto the metal roof. Such water may contain plenty of copper and salts that were included in the preservative that was used to treat the timber. Similarly, graphite pencils and fire retarding materials can have a corrosive effect on metal roofs. It is therefore important to examine the ingredients in each material that is likely to have direct or indirect contact with the metal roof. Steer away from materials that have metals in their formulation. Be very careful about what metal roofing supplies and materials you use.

Corrosion and water damage aren't the only threats that metal roofs face. Other factors, such as mechanical damage during storms, can also shorten the service life of your metal roof. The best way to ensure that your roof will stand up to all those threats is by getting a professional to source and install that metal roof. Periodic inspections can then identify any developing issues in time so that remedial action is taken before the problem gets out of hand.