What to Check When You Inspect a Referral Asphalt Driveway

You can ensure that you have selected the best driveway contractor by inspecting one of the driveways that have been constructed by that contractor. This article discusses some of the things you should pay attention to during that visit.

Pockmarks or Streaking

Asphalt driveways are made using materials of different sizes. For instance, the aggregates usually have small and larger particles in them. The larger particles are usually encapsulated within the smaller ones. Experienced contractors use a sufficient amount of the different materials so that pockmarks aren't created on the driveway. A driveway with the correct thickness of asphalt will take long to develop pockmarks.

Water Pooling

Try to check the referral driveway after it has rained. The driveway should not have any large pools or ponds of water. Ponding is an indicator that the contractor may not have compacted the base of the driveway properly. Consequently, the asphalt may have quickly settled and created depressions on its surface. Such depressions can be starting points for asphalt deterioration since water can gradually damage the driveway once rainwater ponds on it.

Joints and Seams

Asphalt driveways normally have joints and seams to accommodate expansion and contraction as ambient conditions change. The best contractors usually ensure that these joints and seams are flush with one another. This ensures that the driveway will be level throughout its length.


Observe for any debris or trash in case the referral driveway was constructed a few weeks back. For instance, look out for heaps of asphalt at the corner of the sidewalk. Meticulous contractors always clean up a site and remove all waste materials once the job has been completed. Hire the contractor if you are satisfied with the cleanup that was done at the referral driveway.

Transition Areas

Pay close attention to areas where the driveway transits into other surfaces, such as the garage floor and the street. These transitions should be smooth. For example, there should be no depressions at transition points. Bumps should not be visible too. Flush transitions point to an experienced contractor.

The tips above will help you to be thorough as you evaluate a previous job that was done by the contractor who is bidding to build your new asphalt driveway. Select an asphalt construction contractor whose referral driveways don't exhibit any telltale signs of unsatisfactory craftsmanship. You could also talk to the owners of the driveway that you view in order to get their opinions about the contractor that you are planning to hire.