Fantasy Decking Ideas to Make Your Feel Like a Kid Again

Building some decking in your garden is a popular way to create a relaxing space – somewhere to enjoy al fresco dining, barbecues, and evening drinks under the stars. One of the great things about decking is how versatile it is. It can be designed to fit your outdoor space perfectly, making good use of the area available and complementing rather than overpowering your existing garden design.

But why stick to plain, uninspired designs when you can have anything you want?

If you're considering getting some decking, think of it as an opportunity to explore your childhood fantasies. Bringing one of them to life in the form of decking is a wonderful way to make your outdoor gatherings memorable, and if you have children, they'll love playing on your new structures. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Pirate ship

What kid didn't want to sail away on a pirate ship? Wooden decking is the perfect way to create the feeling of being a pirate captain, without having to deal with seasickness or scurvy.

Start with a long base, narrowing to a point to create the ship's bow. The rest is up to you. Build some surrounding sides to enclose the decking, but you can leave as many open sections as you want, and choose a height that doesn't block out the sun.

Complete the effect with a real wooden ship's wheel, a Jolly Roger flag, and perhaps even some faux cannons. This is a great poolside decking theme.


A castle design is versatile, as you can make it pretty much any shape you like. The main feature to include is turrets around the edge, complete with arrow slits to fire at attacking armies. Don't forget to add a flagpole so you can fly your colours.

Tropical paradise

Build a rounded deck with gentle curves to simulate the look of an island. It's an even stronger effect if you build your decking next to a pool. Get creative with plants; palm trees and other tropical species are perfect. Add in some bamboo torches for the evenings, and serve up fresh cocktails in style.


To create a fairyland deck, you can use any shape and style you like, but it works well with secretive, semi-enclosed sections. Decorate with interesting, colourful plants, add some giant wooden mushrooms and carved fairy houses. To bring it to life at night, install some coloured lighting to create a surreal, dreamlike look.

Contact a decking timber supplier to discuss what theme you want your deck to be, and they can help you determine what timber would be best for your project.